My Daily Van-Life Routine

My Daily Van-Life Routine

Six months living out of my van has flown by. Since I decided to take up running and extend my trip to Scotland by an extra year, I’ve found myself embroiled in a number of new social groups which has led to me picking up some great tips on van-life, running and part-time cheffing.

Part of my decision to stay on the road was that I could support myself whilst working in kitchens. Although I missed my team back home in Cornwall, I was picking up new skills daily, whilst also making enough cash in tips and pay to keep my van fuelled up and food in my belly.

The current challenge that I’ve been building towards is the Great Scottish Run, a half marathon that sees the streets of Glasgow packed to the brim with runners of all abilities and types. After picking up this new hobby, I knew that I would need a challenge to keep myself focused on improvement and that’s exactly what the Great Scottish Run provided me with.

Over the last year, I’ve adopted a new day to day routine that has allowed me keep earning money, whilst getting the training in that I’ve needed to be able to perform at a consistently high level. You can check out how I’ve been doing life below:


Rise. Put a pot of coffee on the boil and pull open the van door to let the glorious fresh air in. A night spent in a metal box can lead to some unpleasant smells getting trapped, so I find that it’s always best to crack a door as soon as possible. Whilst the coffee is brewing I get prepped for my morning run with a few stretches.

Early Morning

Run. Wherever I am in the world, there’s always somewhere to run and my home on the roads of Scotland have often supplied stunning landscapes to enjoy at the same time. My morning run is what gets me out of bed and propels me through the rest of my day. Whether it’s 5k or 20k, I’m always eager to get the miles done.


Shower and clean. Regardless of the distance that I’m running, I always tend to come back an awful sweaty mess. Luckily I’ve got a handy DIY shower set up in the back of the van, including curtain, so I can get a quick clean before starting the rest of my day.

Work Begins

I drive to work, wherever that might be. I’ve made a name for myself as being that ‘mad English chef in a van’ who will work anywhere, at any time. My number’s been passed around through so many hands that I’ve always got a couple of weeks’ work lined up, wherever in Scotland I am. One day I could be prepping school dinners, the next day I could be whipping out a 4-course fine dining menu – it’s a real trip!

After Work

Whether I’m working in the day or the evening, I always make sure to find time to get a good square meal in, before settling myself down for the night and another peaceful night’s sleep in the van that I now call my home.

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